All for one. One for all. One Four Eight.


There is no B Team. We have each worked with great organizations and produced some impressive results. This is who you’ll be working with throughout the scope of our project. Depending on your challenges and goals, we also tap into a close-knit army of professionals who are the best in the business, from management consulting and web design to photography, video and graphics.


Thom is a seasoned marketing and communications professional who created 148 Communications to help companies grow in health and stature. He’s a wildly creative and collaborative force who knows how to tell compelling stories, solve problems and get the absolute best out of people.

He occasionally predicts the future. He has seen it all and tried most of it at least once.


Claire is a journalist, strategist and branding maven who produces content that makes the heart soar and the mind long for more. She is the consummate problem solver, especially when it comes to digital communications, social media and market insights. 

Claire has written extensively for real estate and design blogs, magazines, newspapers and an array of digital platforms around the world.


“Creative” may as well be Gerald’s middle name. While video and animation may be his bread and butter, he infuses all his projects with the unexpected, taking marketing and communications campaigns to the next level. Armed with his camera, computer and a sense of humor, Gerald knows how to tell a story in seconds. When he gets to take the creative reins, our clients always end up with something unforgettable.